Your only logistic partner. Ship worldwide

Our company helps people outside the USA to buy affordable and high-quality products from US online stores


We aim to make online shopping easy and simple. We help thousands of manufacturers and customers to enhance their shopping experience using our unique automated systems

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Check in

Proceed to registration and fill in the form to get access to our platform

Shopping in USA stores

Shopping in USA stores

Choose products you like in one or several stores we cooperate with



Find deals and save money buying quality products from the best sellers in the USA

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Uss Express ships
to over 220 countries and regions!

United Kingdom
South Korea
and more than 200 countries!

Why choose us?

  • 01
    Fast shipping

    Fast shipping

    Get your product as fast as possible. We will ship your order right after we receive it

  • 02
    No overpaying

    No overpaying

    You don’t have to overpay for the shipping. You just need to order the item you want to be shipped for free to one of our employees and we will take care of delivering the order to you

  • 03
    US address

    US address

    Your order will be delivered to one of our addresses in the USA and our employee will accept, check, pick up, and send packages directly to your chosen destination

  • 04
    Personal manager

    Personal manager

    You will have a personal manager who will take care of all the transactions concerning your order, such as returns, complaints, and refunds. We will make sure that you get all the necessary pictures of your goods before sending them out

  • 05
    Safe delivery

    Safe delivery

    We work with FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS

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Buy Luxury Jewelry from US Stores & Ship Home Buy Luxury Jewelry from US Stores & Ship Home
Savvy international shoppers know they can score big deals on designer jewelry by shopping online at US stores and then shipping home. Online shopping is a perfect opportunity t...
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Uss-Express is your only logistics partner


Our managers help clients outside the USA to purchase affordable and top-quality products from US online stores. We founded our USA mailing shipper business, and have been on the top for over 7 years. We have satisfied thousands of clients worldwide and have employed hundreds of professionals all over the USA.

Our delivery fees are often much cheaper than those of carrier corporations and worldwide courier services. Shipping with us is definitely quicker, which dominantly differentiates us in the world shipping business.

We make international shipping possible for you even if the store does not offer this service.


We will deliver the products in a short time 

We aim to make online shopping simple for anyone. Likewise, we assist thousands of manufacturers and clients to improve their shopping experience offering our unique robotized systems and individual approach. 

We provide you with a US address to forward products from online stores, private dealers, or suppliers. According to your necessities, we will solidify small shipments or divide a large bundle into a few little ones so that you can save more on delivery. 

High shipping service related to acceptance, repackaging, evacuation of excess packaging, and registration is completely free.


Tolerant customs advantages

Customs are a usual appellation in worldwide transportation that remits the responsibility, tariffs, or taxes levied.

The prices calculated on the point and destination state are above and overhead the carrier’s price to ship goods. Every state has regulations and criteria for international shippers. With USS-Express it doesn’t really matter where you’re shipping, our good online transportation instrument can support you obviate what to wait. 


How to check in on the website and start buying?

Proceed to registration and fill in the form to send a request for using our service. Enter your name, email and phone number. After that give answers to the following questions:


  • How often do you ship from the US?
  • What do you buy and ship?
  • Do you buy wholesale or retail?

We will later contact you and offer the best solution. 

With the help of our team, the only thing you would have to worry about is choosing products you like in one or several stores we cooperate with. Find deals and save money buying quality products from the bestsellers in the USA. We will take everything else under control.


Finish and comply with customs paper

Keeping descriptions of shipment passages coherent and comprehensive over each compelled case will assist decrease customs postpones. A great statement is to reply to the next issues for apiece artifact existence shipped:


  • What is it?
  • How many are there?
  • What is it made from?
  • What is the intended use?
  • What is the state of manufacturing?

Give us the information you have and relax. Now the USS-Express company packs your orders and sends them to you! Be sure you pay less on the shipping costs to order more items from the USA. Now you are always assured that boxes are in competent hands and will be received by you in the best condition.


Be sure your goods are safe

So, a member of the USS-Express team receives your order. He checks out each item for passages and damages. He packs all things properly to make sure they won’t be damaged during forwarding. 

We offer a possibility to purchase goods in American online stores and ship them with a “near me approach” within the shortest time frame possible. You will never be involved in the matter of obtaining a faulty or discredited item that is non-refundable.

Our corporation keeps each order and box safe each order while shopping from the USA, and we carry full responsibility for the precondition and well-timed delivery of your purchase. We recompense for missed or discredited goods and transportation delays.

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