Buy Luxury Jewelry from US Stores & Ship Home

Buy Luxury Jewelry from US Stores & Ship Home

Savvy international shoppers know they can score big deals on designer jewelry by shopping online at US stores and then shipping home.

Online shopping is a perfect opportunity to purchase different products. Somebody may consider that buying good jewelry online is impossible cause luxury jewelry brands don’t provide affordable goods. That’s not true. Online customers may find many retailers and brands working to satisfy clients’ needs providing affordable, fashionable, sustainable offers from the jewelry luxury marketplace. Uss-express experts know places to buy desired items at reasonable prices and discounts. Plus, the stores and brands described below provide high-end quality standards to make customers sure bought jewelry pieces are sustainable. Want to explore online stores offering the best deals? Let’s start discovering!

Best Stores


Italic is a place helping get involved in the fashion industry and its latest trends and tendencies. Italic offers a wide variety of luxury things, including clothing, handbags, accessories, home goods, jewelry. Products offered there are distributed by popular brands such as Miu Miu and Prada. The costs of goods are pretty reasonable so that customers may find affordable branded items. For example, Italic offers luxurious diamond necklaces selection and branded gold pieces. So the costs might be lower than $200! Italic operates as a membership-based online retailer. Pick desired pieces and ship them safe with Uss-express services. 

Page Sargisson

Want to buy outstanding pieces of jewelry at low prices? Prefer high-quality items? Want to gift your nearest and dearest with valuable presents? Handmade pieces of jewelry offered at Page Sargisson is your option. Page Sargisson is based in Brooklyn. It provides many luxurious pieces, and plenty of them come at affordable prices. Costs on gold and silver jewelry items might start from lower than $50. Let’s look at the following example – Page Sargisson Teeny Tiny Double Post Earrings cost $60. This is quite a beneficial deal. Page Sargisson is a place where everyone will find something attractive. We recommend shopping at this store. Visit Page Sargisson.


Catbird is a store specialized in selling cool delicate rings at low costs. Catbird is a Brooklyn-based boutique offering an extensive range of fine sustainable rings that will suit everyone—customers like Catbird. It provides clear and transparent information about the materials from which pieces are manufactured. The store donates 1% of sales to ACLU and Planned Parenthood, so by buying Catbird products, clients contribute to charity. In addition, the store is home to cheap luxurious, unique items. Choose products that you like and order them with the help of Uss-express services to get them delivered from the USA to your country. 


Prefer minimal jewelry featuring a delicate look and high-end characteristics? Want to purchase dainty pieces at reasonable prices. Visit Mejuri and look through offered products to choose your favorite budget-friendly option. Majuri is a Canadian startup displaying new items every single week, increasing the general assortment. Majuri is popular with female customers looking for minimal pieces to wear every day. The items are made of 14-karat gold and sterling silver. Majuri wants to give women the possibility to wear luxurious pieces of jewelry every day. That’s why their items are affordable – many of them are cheaper than $100. Order displayed options and ship them fast with Uss-express.


AUrate is one of the best jewelry stores in the USA to Uss-express specialists’ opinion. The reason is pretty simple – AUrate provides a wide range of jewelry items of different types. Customers shop there for everyday minimal pieces and solid foundation items crafted in New York City. Products are made of gold, pearls, and diamonds. Refresh and accomplish your personal jewelry collection with AUrate products and get valuable experience from shopping there. AUrate is a reliable retailer, so visit this website.


Soko is a money-saving store providing high-quality hand-crafted items at low prices. Soco products are fashionable. Soco isn’t just a store. It’s an innovative startup connecting independent African artisans. Its products attract customers’ attention not only by origin look but by contributing to developing fashion trends in the jewelry crafting industry. Buy jewelry in the USA. 

How to Ship Jewelry Overseas

International shipping is a pretty responsible process, so you need to make a good decision choosing shipping services providers. Uss-express is what you need! Our experts know how to provide clients with the best services corresponding to top-quality standards. In addition, we know how to meet clients’ requirements. Here we have a short guide on how to ship pieces of jewelry overseas. Take a look at these steps to be aware of the whole process.

Multiple layers

The most important thing is not to damage valuable items. To do that, items in packages should be layered by multiple layers. This should be done by experienced experts who are skilled in packaging valuable things for international shipping.

Solid packaging materials

Jewelry must be packed tight to avoid potential risks. Solid packaging materials will guarantee products safety. 


How are the contents of packages disguised? Savvy shippers don’t place any labels on parcels. The major purpose of that is to prevent boxes from being stolen during the shipping process.

Shipping jewelry insurance

Vulnerable items must be insured to protect clients from potential undesired consequences. Jewelry pieces aren’t exceptions. Order shipping jewelry insurance services to secure ordered goods.

Choose high-end shipping services.

On our blog, we posted an article explaining the importance of savvy shippers. Please get familiar with it to know the essential peculiarities of choosing shipping services. Trust Uss-express specialists!