Buy Plus Size Clothes from the US and Save

Buy Plus Size Clothes from the US and Save

Looking for trendy plus-size clothing? Our experts have compiled for you a list of the best stores for shopping for large sizes.

Local department stores mightn’t offer a good variety of plus-size clothing. Even if they provide such an opportunity, these clothes aren’t fashionable and good-looking. This way, plus-size customers are forced to wear unstylish baggy items provided by strange unknown manufacturers that don’t guarantee their products’ high quality and durability.

Want to change this situation? Tired of searches around the local market offering poor choices? Online shopping is a good option for buyers obtaining this sort of need. Find a good store offering a diversity of items, beneficial discounts, and price policies. Uss-express experts are glad to help our potential clients. Explore the following range of providers and make a decision. Let’s start reviewing.

Top Online Stores: Plus Size Clothing 


Anthropologie offers an extensive range of clothes for plus-size women. Scrolling the site, every female client may come across attractive offers and beneficial deals. The store is known for the diversity of offered items – dresses, blouses, denim, etc. Anthropologie is your choice if you’re looking for impressive plus-size wedding apparel. In addition to clothing, Anthropologie provides goods for home decor. All products are fashionable. Customers may choose unique items to complete a chosen style. We recommend shopping at this store to fill your wardrobe with cheap items of the highest quality. Then, ship them safely using Uss-express professional services!  


Even local stores offering fashionable plus-size clothes cannot provide a good diversity of vintage-themed items. Like this style? Visit ModCloth! ModCloth is a pretty inclusive provider. It offers items from manufacturers distributing the same wear models in different sizes, so clients don’t need to search for the separate section – look at offered fashionable things and be sure that every item will suit your size. Wanna save time? Go to the plus-size section displaying only this type of clothing. ModCloth guarantees free returns to every customer no matter what the cost of the purchase is. Shipping might be free, but there’s a specific requirement – the total amount of orders must be higher than $60. And this amount is enough to buy a few good-looking things!


Prefer casual preppy clothing in plus sizes? Want to fill a closet with suitable everyday items? J.Crew has something for customers with such intentions. The retailer provides wear from well-known brands, distributing various casual things to wear every day and on weekends. Find bold colors and interesting prints. Use a convenient filtering system to find the best available option. We guess this function is pretty helpful in terms of a customized choice. In addition, J.Crew provides interesting loyalty policy conditions. Visit the store, get familiar with membership perks, use them to purchase and ship things with Uss-express.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard has listed here thanks to one outstanding feature – Fit Liberty size guarantee. Universal Standard became very popular because of this service. Fit Liberty is a special program guaranteeing the possibility to exchange items in case customers’ sizes change. It’s an inclusive store offering trendy plus-size clothing from popular brands and designers. Universal Standard sells things suitable for different occasions – everything is up to customers’ tastes and needs. So get familiar with the offered range and try to score a perfect deal.  


Nordstrom is a regular participant of Uss-express top lists. This is a worldwide known brand providing the possibility to purchase luxury and sophisticated things at reasonable costs. Explore Nordstrom’s offers. You’ll find items distributed by high-end designer firms, including Michael Kors and Spanx.  Plus, size clothing is just one more option available in the store – Nordstrom’s range of things is endless! Everyone can find suitable things there so don’t waste your time. Returns and shipping are free! Make orders and ship them with Uss-express.

Best Brands of Plus Size Clothing 


Beaton items are designed for customers preferring comfortable, fashionable basics for casual purposes. It has an attractive collection of season-less things you may find in different online stores. We like that they are manufactured with the usage of eco-friendly dyes. This brand is popular with wide audiences, so costs are pretty affordable.


Coyan is appreciated by customers paying attention to beauty and sophistication. Search for Coyan items to make your look premium, unique, and luxurious. Cayon is specialized in elegant solutions, but a range of casual clothing is available as well. Formal items come at affordable costs. 


Vince is a successful participant in the fashion industry. It manufactures items not only for plus-sized customers. That’s why its audiences are quite wide. Vince uses only luxurious fabrics, so the quality of manufactured items corresponds to the high-end standards. Like beautiful dresses and cashmere pieces? Then, your closet must contain something from Vince! 

Loud Bodies

Loud Bodies is a brand that’s considered to be unique in the marketplace as it offers sustainable, affordable, attractive, size-inclusive solutions. An amazing collection of dresses is one more reason Loud Bodies became popular in the fashion industry. Search for Loud Bodies’ items on offered above stores, and you’ll understand why our experts included this brand in our top list.

11 Honoré

Looking for designers of high-fashion clothes? Want to buy a newly released collection? Prefer fresh colors and sophisticated pieces? 11 Honoré has plenty of solutions for your specific needs. This brand releases new collections to remain leading positions on the marketplace. So review new models and try to find them at cheap costs.