Remote Work from Home Logistics Jobs: All an Employee Needs to Know

The most important thing that we’re about to cover in this article is remote employment in the logistics industry. As a potential employee, you need to know that the variety of available remote occupations includes such logistics jobs work from home options as logistics coordinator, manager, quality manager, ecommerce specialist, etc. The most obvious benefit of employment in the logistics industry is the possibility to meet your personal goals of career development. Plus, remote logistics employees are well-paid and can choose the home-based conditions they can work in – both full time and part-time types of employment are available. Working in any delivery company as a remote worker will require your resilience and especially strong communicative skills, as this is the industry where the major focus is made on soft skills.

When you’re ready to get closer acquainted with the peculiarities of the logistics remote jobs, it is worth mentioning that Uss-Express is one of the most reputable employers. It offers flexible working conditions, a competitive salary, and simple employment procedure – sending an application and taking a short job interview. Let’s be more specific about all those benefits and get down directly to each of them.

What Types of Remote Jobs Are in Logistics

The first thing you need to learn is actually what job to apply for. Your choice will be impacted by your skills, job responsibilities, salary, your personal expectations from that position, and the workload presented by the employers. Let’s review some of the most popular work at home logistics jobs.

Remote logistics coordinator

Employees who work in this position are usually responsible for the quality execution of two primary functions – ensuring execution of delivery procedures and inventory management. In a nutshell, logistics coordinators are supervisors whose main duty is to monitor whether all the processes are executed in the right way. To do this, there’s no need to come to the office or a warehouse every day, the logistics coordinator’s duties might be easily executed from home.

Remote logistics manager

Logistics managers are ones who are involved in supply chain logistics. Their core function is to execute the processing of the logistics chain. But except for that, they are also involved in other types of procedures. This makes the range of their duties more extended by such responsibilities as taking control of the logistics operation, managing inventory, and compiling plans and schedules.

Remote quality manager

If you’re going to be simply hired as a quality manager by a logistics agent, you need to know that this job makes you partly involved in the whole process of shipping. First, you are supposed to check the quality of goods and packaging materials. Then, you’re usually required to ship the parcel to the client, keeping in mind all the customer’s personal requests. Finally, you provide a report to the manager describing the quality of all the stages of the order execution process.

Remote ecommerce specialist

This position is the most detached from the delivery process itself, so many international companies that provide logistics services aren’t looking for these sorts of specialists. Nevertheless, there are providers that offer a more extensive scope of services, so they need such employees who will monitor the logistics, retailing, and ecommerce industries to find the most budget-friendly options for the clients. One of such providers is the Uss-Express company. It’s one of the leading logistics services providers whose specialists know everything not only about the logistics industry but about the ecommerce sector as well. And the ecommerce job is for a kind of analyst who will execute sourcing assessing, study all the available offers, compare them, and pick all the variants meeting customer’s requirements.

When hiring for logistics jobs from home, companies usually require them to:

  • Have a High school diploma or equivalent
  • Have strong teamwork skills
  • Have solid communication skills
  • Have the ability to respond fast
  • Have the flexibility to adapt to changes

It comes without saying that some senior positions require more specific skills and knowledge. Some of them may require extensive experience in working on various logistics jobs.

What Does a Remote Logistics Worker Do

The ranges of duties are different for different careers. The set of logistics responsibilities is also impacted by the employer and the peculiarity of its work. Nonetheless, it will be useful for everyone looking for remote logistics jobs to be familiar with the basic set of functions introduced to remote logistics workers. Consider the following.

  • Processing transportation of goods
  • Distributing of products
  • Storage of goods and materials
  • Checking the quality of other employees’ work
  • Responding to clients’ requests
  • Keeping in touch with customers and partners
  • Ensuring the quality of shipped products

The Advantages of Work from Home Logistics Jobs

When you’re simplyhired by any of the logistics companies, you face many benefits. We’ve studied recent reviews of the employees who work from home logistics jobs to provide you with the most relevant and frequent pros of their jobs.

  • Flexible schedule
  • Ability to work from any part of the world where there’s an Internet access
  • Ability to store goods in appropriate places in your house
  • High salaries
  • Payments are executed regularly and without delays
  • Ability to work both part time and full time
  • Career development prospects (depending on the company you work with)
  • Constant contact with managers and other employees
  • Clear instructions for the trial period of remote working

How Much does a Remote Logistician Earn

Logicians’ incomes are quite alluring as for remote and part time workers. Here we have a simple comparison of the average monthly and annual salaries for working on the positions described above.

Job Monthly salary Annual salary
Logistics coordinator $4,279 $51,242
Logistics manager $5,221 $62,654
Quality manager $2,936 $35,232
Ecommerce specialist $3,612 $43,353

The good news for you today is that Uss-Express offers higher payments than the average ones across the marketplace. This is a good possibility to get engaged into the logistics industry and earn good money from your home.

How to Get a Work from Home Job in Logistics

You don’t need to find a job near you since you can work on the logistics job from your house. We’ve studied the ratings provided by employees and found out that the Uss-Express company is quite a good provider to apply for as it offers quick apply logistics vacancies. Let’s take a look at the short guide on how to join the team of logistians. Basically, this works the same way in other companies as well.

  1. Fill the form provided on the website on the careers page/contact the HR via email or telephone
  2.  Take a 10-minute telephone interview
  3. Complete an online training course

Working in Uss-Express is good for you since this job will provide you with many rewarding bonuses and career prospects. If you do your duties well, you will be able to get a higher position, which will obviously impact your income. But the most important thing here is that you will gain extremely valuable experience in working in the logistics sector. That will be a good chance to learn a lot of specific knowledge and improve your soft skills.

Introduction to the Cheapest Shipping from China to the US

When starting one’s successful e-commerce company or store in the USA, one of the essential things to find out is the cheap shipping from China to USA. Goods and commodities manufactured by Chinese firms are affordable and supply chains connecting Asian ports and the USA are convenient. Consequently, this way of importing has all the chances and prospects to be called the most budget-friendly decision for any entrepreneur. Actually, this is already sampled by thousands of entrepreneurs who import goods. The only concern occurring here is not to make a mistake when choosing a required shipping method.

Today, in this article let’s review two of the most common means to get items manufactured in Asian countries delivered to the United States of America – sea mail vs Air mail. The key aim of this article is to clarify the obvious difference between their benefits. We will mostly focus on such essential aspects as safety, reliability, terms, and prices. We guess this way it will be easier for our readers not to make a mistake when making a final choice towards shipping methods to the USA. So let’s get down to business.

Ocean Freight from China to the US

Ocean shipping is claimed to be undoubtedly the cheapest way to ship large amounts of products bought wholesale from Chinese manufacturers or on specialized websites to the United States. The cargo passes through the supply chains that connect the Chinese ports with the East and West Coasts of America. However, the client’s location isn’t the only thing that impacts shipping rates from China to the US – consider the 2 sub-methods described beneath.

Ocean Freight FCL

To have a clear understanding of this method we need to define that FCL is a Full Container Load. When this way is used for all you orders placed into a 20-feet or a 40-feet vessel take all the space. It’s important to consider that if your package isn’t completely full, it won’t make the price lower so the FCL method isn’t quite beneficial when you intend to ship a parcel of not large sizes. But if you ship large amounts of commodities, FCL might be considered as the cheapest shipping from China to USA.

Talking a bit more specifically about the clients’ expenditures, we find it useful to point out they are supposed to be stable today although there was a time during the pandemic when the prices for a single vessel increased up to $15,000. Today shipping charges for a 40-feet container amount to approximately $4,000 – $6,000.

Ocean Freight LCL

Ocean Freight LCL, or less than container load, is a convenient and cheap opportunity for those clients who ship small packages. The rates for the LCL are calculated in USD per cubic meter. Usually, it’s recommended to order this service when all the products placed together take less than 10 cubic meters of a standard container.

Although this option is budget-friendly, it isn’t as fast as the one described above. It is executed for a longer period, too. Since the rates are related to the space your parcel takes, the prices vary from $570 to $1,000.

Air Freight from China to the US

Air delivery is obviously the most instant means to ship goods of Chinese origin to the USA. Except for being rapid, it is a very safe method when you trust reputable and respectable carriers to provide you with shipping services. When importing such goods as electronics, apparel, pharmaceuticals, documents, samples, and some other valuable or expensive items, you’re better to consider air services. However, there is a significant drawback to this way of shipment – you have to pay good money for all these conveniences.

Prices are calculated in USD per kilogram. In addition to that, the total price you’re supposed to cover will be impacted by a few more important aspects. Consider the following ones:

  • Fuel expenditures;
  • Security;
  • Terminal handling;
  • Airport transfer;
  • Customs brokerage fees;
  • Pick-up and delivery;
  • Cargo insurance;

For a better understanding of how the rates in international delivery to the US work, take a look at the following table.

Air Cargo Tariffs per KG to the United States
Weight Price
10 kg $65.47
100 kg $14.31
300 kg $5.09

How to Save Money on Shipping to the United States?

Services conducted via the US air supply chains are definitely not the best way you might consider in terms of shipping costs. Even though, we recommend ordering these services for those who aim to ship to the US the jewelry, electronics, and more sorts of vulnerable or expensive items to come fast and safe. Nevertheless, in this article, we focus primarily on the money-saving variants so you are better to choose between FCL and LCL. Your decision should be driven by the sort of things you import to the United States. Plus, when ordering ocean delivery, order it to the East Costs because the delivery via these supply chains is less expensive.

If you aim to decrease expenditures, you may also take Combined Shipping into consideration. Let’s explain this in simple words. In a nutshell, Combined Shipping is when you acquire to pack all your orders in a single shipment. This way, the customer receives the opportunity to ship all the orders to the destination in the United States simultaneously. The orders will be grouped and the charges will be estimated in accordance with that grouped order. That means you will save not only your time but money as well. In order to do this, you need to choose a reliable provider that will be able to execute this type of service and provide you with a shipment containing all relevant orders.

Buy Luxury Jewelry from US Stores & Ship Home

Savvy international shoppers know they can score big deals on designer jewelry by shopping online at US stores and then shipping home.

Online shopping is a perfect opportunity to purchase different products. Somebody may consider that buying good jewelry online is impossible cause luxury jewelry brands don’t provide affordable goods. That’s not true. Online customers may find many retailers and brands working to satisfy clients’ needs providing affordable, fashionable, sustainable offers from the jewelry luxury marketplace. Uss-express experts know places to buy desired items at reasonable prices and discounts. Plus, the stores and brands described below provide high-end quality standards to make customers sure bought jewelry pieces are sustainable. Want to explore online stores offering the best deals? Let’s start discovering!

Best Stores


Italic is a place helping get involved in the fashion industry and its latest trends and tendencies. Italic offers a wide variety of luxury things, including clothing, handbags, accessories, home goods, jewelry. Products offered there are distributed by popular brands such as Miu Miu and Prada. The costs of goods are pretty reasonable so that customers may find affordable branded items. For example, Italic offers luxurious diamond necklaces selection and branded gold pieces. So the costs might be lower than $200! Italic operates as a membership-based online retailer. Pick desired pieces and ship them safe with Uss-express services. 

Page Sargisson

Want to buy outstanding pieces of jewelry at low prices? Prefer high-quality items? Want to gift your nearest and dearest with valuable presents? Handmade pieces of jewelry offered at Page Sargisson is your option. Page Sargisson is based in Brooklyn. It provides many luxurious pieces, and plenty of them come at affordable prices. Costs on gold and silver jewelry items might start from lower than $50. Let’s look at the following example – Page Sargisson Teeny Tiny Double Post Earrings cost $60. This is quite a beneficial deal. Page Sargisson is a place where everyone will find something attractive. We recommend shopping at this store. Visit Page Sargisson.


Catbird is a store specialized in selling cool delicate rings at low costs. Catbird is a Brooklyn-based boutique offering an extensive range of fine sustainable rings that will suit everyone—customers like Catbird. It provides clear and transparent information about the materials from which pieces are manufactured. The store donates 1% of sales to ACLU and Planned Parenthood, so by buying Catbird products, clients contribute to charity. In addition, the store is home to cheap luxurious, unique items. Choose products that you like and order them with the help of Uss-express services to get them delivered from the USA to your country. 


Prefer minimal jewelry featuring a delicate look and high-end characteristics? Want to purchase dainty pieces at reasonable prices. Visit Mejuri and look through offered products to choose your favorite budget-friendly option. Majuri is a Canadian startup displaying new items every single week, increasing the general assortment. Majuri is popular with female customers looking for minimal pieces to wear every day. The items are made of 14-karat gold and sterling silver. Majuri wants to give women the possibility to wear luxurious pieces of jewelry every day. That’s why their items are affordable – many of them are cheaper than $100. Order displayed options and ship them fast with Uss-express.


AUrate is one of the best jewelry stores in the USA to Uss-express specialists’ opinion. The reason is pretty simple – AUrate provides a wide range of jewelry items of different types. Customers shop there for everyday minimal pieces and solid foundation items crafted in New York City. Products are made of gold, pearls, and diamonds. Refresh and accomplish your personal jewelry collection with AUrate products and get valuable experience from shopping there. AUrate is a reliable retailer, so visit this website.


Soko is a money-saving store providing high-quality hand-crafted items at low prices. Soco products are fashionable. Soco isn’t just a store. It’s an innovative startup connecting independent African artisans. Its products attract customers’ attention not only by origin look but by contributing to developing fashion trends in the jewelry crafting industry. Buy jewelry in the USA. 

How to Ship Jewelry Overseas

International shipping is a pretty responsible process, so you need to make a good decision choosing shipping services providers. Uss-express is what you need! Our experts know how to provide clients with the best services corresponding to top-quality standards. In addition, we know how to meet clients’ requirements. Here we have a short guide on how to ship pieces of jewelry overseas. Take a look at these steps to be aware of the whole process.

Multiple layers

The most important thing is not to damage valuable items. To do that, items in packages should be layered by multiple layers. This should be done by experienced experts who are skilled in packaging valuable things for international shipping.

Solid packaging materials

Jewelry must be packed tight to avoid potential risks. Solid packaging materials will guarantee products safety. 


How are the contents of packages disguised? Savvy shippers don’t place any labels on parcels. The major purpose of that is to prevent boxes from being stolen during the shipping process.

Shipping jewelry insurance

Vulnerable items must be insured to protect clients from potential undesired consequences. Jewelry pieces aren’t exceptions. Order shipping jewelry insurance services to secure ordered goods.

Choose high-end shipping services.

On our blog, we posted an article explaining the importance of savvy shippers. Please get familiar with it to know the essential peculiarities of choosing shipping services. Trust Uss-express specialists!

How to Work from Amazon Home Customer Service and What Employee Reviews About the Job

Organizations are increasingly seeking options to enable their people to work safely and efficiently from anywhere. On August 6, 2021, Amazon published information that the company is forced to move the terms of returning its employees to the office until January 2022. The delta variant of coronavirus turned out to be more infectious, and the company offered work from home.

Amazon company is an online local giant and requires thousands of seasonal workers, especially during the holidays, to serve customers from the comfort of their own homes. Amazon work from home customer service is a full-day or part-day job. Custom services are remote work when employees work using the Internet, a computer and make phone calls to clients, or an email-based remote job. On average, the salary for such a position ranges from 15 to 18 thousand dollars.

There are many similar companies on the Internet, there are also alternative options for working from home, which we will discuss at the end of the article. If you are interested in this type of earnings, we advise you to continue reading the article on how to get work from home job with Amazon. Check out the information about part working day jobs and analyze what you can get cooperating with that company.

What is Amazon VCS?

Amazon Virtual Customer Service offers its employees all kinds of vacancies. One of the areas of cooperation is work in a virtual call center. These centers allow employees home-based variants to get additional money. We should note right away that although this is work from home, this company does not provide its employees with a free work schedule. The company puts forward certain requirements for its employees. Although they offer remote work, they build such work on a set schedule. There are two types of shifts, night and day work, and you will also need to work on holidays and weekends. To do your job efficiently, you will need access to high-speed Internet and a telephone to make calls with clients.

Another nuance that you have to pay attention to is that this organization employs remote candidates in particular states. To get fresh information about state restrictions, you can check this information on their jobs site.

Amazon work from home customer service is in high demand, and this can be explained. The first reason why this kind of work is popular among employees is the assured hourly fee. Vacancies for seasonal work run out quickly. There is an opportunity to get short-term positions with the prospect to become a permanent full-time employee of the company. This job from home can be half working or full working day, and you should meet their company requirements and personal metrics.

How much does a Work from Home Customer Service Representative at Amazon make?

Working in a customer service position requires discipline, a high school diploma, and at work as a customer service at least for one year. You can interview for this position online, while at home.

Your salary is determined by the position. With Amazon customer service, employees can expect a flat rate of $5-$8 per hour, plus an additional $1 per hour for work during November, December, and January.

You can choose the full working day, and sometimes part working jobs. Working as a customer service agent, you will have opening hours on the weekends, nights, and holidays.

When compared with other remote professions, there are more attractive ones where the pay per hour reaches $10, and the monthly part-time salary will be $300-$400 more than in Amazon.

Job Responsibilities

  • The employee must be able to use the Internet.
  • To communicate with clients (in written form and verbally), a company employee needs to be friendly, not to talk arrogantly, and in a raised voice with the client, even if the client is wrong. Should be able to solve problems.
  • You should feel comfortable in this position.
  • The task of the company’s employees is to show ingenuity, a creative and individual approach to each client so that he takes an action.
  • Make the most of available resources to solve emerging problems.
  • Able to intensify difficulties or change in the information to the proper owners, do it regularly, to ensure we deliver them.
  • An employee of the company must be responsible, not break the schedule, complete all tasks on time.

Steps to Find Amazon Work from Home Customer Service Jobs?

  1. Go to the home page of Amazon’s job site.
  2. Find the section for remote jobs – click on “Remote Career Opportunities.”.
  3. Explore vacancies and read reviews from Amazon employees.
  4. If you have already found a suitable work from home customer service, prepare a cover letter and resume for your application.
  5. Wait for communication with a company representative.
  6. Take a video interview.

Amazon Work from Home Customer Service: Reviews About Pros and Cons

Many faced the problem of earning money during the pandemic and considered that remote work could be the best solution to the situation. But you must understand that this kind of work also has its disadvantages and advantages. We will talk about them further.

If we talk about the benefits of Amazon remote customer services, the following are worth noting:

  • Amazon offers its employees seasonal vacancies. You can get such a job for a period of 3 months to a year.
  • Overtime pay at 1.5x base rate.
  • Training of employees at the expense of the company and support by experienced specialists.
  • The company has big discounts for its employees.
  • This is a great opportunity to get customer service experience. In the future, you can get a highly paid position in a logistics company with better working conditions.

Among the cons of Amazon home customer service, the following are worth mentioning:

  • The shift lasts 9 hours. There are night shifts, and you can work during the day.
  • The company provides a fixed shift schedule that cannot be changed at the request of the employee. The schedule either suits you or not.
  • The employee must have at least two years of a college education.
  • The employee must have at least one year of customer service experience.
  • The candidate must live in a specific state. This info is available on the official website of the company.

Work at Home: Amazon Customer Service vs Uss Express Packing and Shipping

We cannot compare these two companies in terms of competition. USS Express is a well-experienced company in the logistics industry that solves all problems at every stage of complex, multi-component transportation of goods. Uss Express has even partnered with Amazon. But if you still compare, it is worth noting that Uss Express also provides the opportunity to work from home on a full or part-time basis. Among the advantages of such cooperation, it is worth highlighting:

  • The ability to create your schedule. Amazon, although it positions itself to work from home, has a clearly defined schedule.
  • Any person who has reached the age of 18 can work, even without work experience.
  • The salary for the part working day is $1,700. If working full working day, the salary will be $3200 per month.
  • There is an opportunity to receive a salary weekly.
  • Access to an easy-to-use web app created by the Uss Express IT team. The application has simple navigation, very understandable for users of all ages.
  • Opportunity to get a job anywhere in the world in the USA, Georgia, Russia, and other European countries.

Now there are hundreds of companies operating in the logistics services market. They allow us to save money when we find a product on the Internet at the other end of the world at a bargain price, and the nerves when we can track the purchase and know exactly the date we received it.

Unfortunately, there are also fraudulent companies. How do you decide which company you can work with? Here, reviews of users who have already ordered services in this company, or worked there will help us. We advise you to read the truthful reviews of USS Express on a site like Trustpilot or on the official website. We analyzed these reviews ourselves and concluded that 80% of the reviews are positive. The employees of the company are satisfied with the working conditions, the timeliness of the payment of wages and the schedule for the part-time work.

When you go through the job board on the internet that’s particularly for remote work, you will see a vast range of jobs. Why waste time on this when you can leave your application on the USS Express website and get a decent job today.

Best Place to Buy Runners, Shoes and Trainers in the USA

Looking to buy shoes on sale from America? Get a Uss-express address and buy favorite American goods.

Everyone knows one simple statement: the more you move, the longer you will live. The majority of modern people want to be active and healthy. But they don’t know what to start with. The first step everyone needs to do for leading a healthy lifestyle is everyday morning run.

It’s simple, useful, affordable. Running doesn’t require specific equipment, items. All runners need patience, desire, and willpower. Want to get the best potential effect? Choose sports shoes available in the USA.

A modern marketplace provides multiple opportunities for today’s customers. Uss-express experts explain to users a simple thing – scoring beneficial deals. So keep reading, learn about the best places offering running shoes.

Consider Visiting Local Running Store

Modern technologies make everything pretty simple. Customers don’t even need to leave home to purchase necessary items – they go online. But buying running shoes is different. Want to get a quality and effective model performing good durability? It would be best if you tried it on your own. Plus, customers may consult professionals in local running shops providing useful, clear, and relevant recommendations. This is necessary for beginners not aware of essential running shoe details. Everyone needs to get clear answers to questions to be able to take real benefits.

For experienced customers, we suggest considering online retailers. Provided options might come at lower prices.  Online platforms are the best places to purchase cheap shoe trainers if you know what you need.

Want to explore the best models of running shoes in 2021? Uss-express posted a short review on demanded items. Read it on the Uss-express blog and find useful tips on purchasing sports shoes.

Best Online Sports Shoes Stores


Online shopping is a money-saving activity bellowed by worldwide customers for provided conveniences. Want to purchase runners online. Take a look at, experts recommend Shoekicker. This website isn’t a basic retailer. It’s designed as a helping resource providing helpful suggestions and recommendations on the best places to buy required items. Shoekicker is the best option for captious users. The platform considers plenty of individual aspects when searching for high-end buying solutions. Necessary details on runners/trainers are gathered in one place. Visit Shoekicker to spend less time searching for affordable, effective, and fashionable things.

Running Warehouse

Running Warehouse suits users preferring making choices considering the huge provided items diversity. The website offers an extensive branded sports shoe selection, meeting clients’ requirements trusting reputable manufacturers. Customers compare different models to choose a suitable one. The platform’s benefit is the following feature – Running Warehouse stores not only trainers but also many other running items. Running Warehouse is a specialized website, but multiple categories simplify decision-making. Choose a favorite category, scroll the available options to score good deals.

Road Runner Sports

Road Runner Sports is a retailer featuring convenient, customized services – clients can purchase running items considering the peculiarities of specific running styles. Their specialists provide useful video materials to make clients familiar with obvious advantages of satisfying specific running styles needs. Road Runner Sports is a place created to sell the newest releases promoted by high-end brands at low prices. Visit the sale section to score the cheapest deals. Everyone visiting Road Runner Sports will find a suitable item. Buy your favorite one and order Uss-express shipping services to get it delivered.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker provides unique, casual goods satisfying customers’ running purposes and clients’ personal requirements. Foot Locker is designed to make ordinary people acquainted with new brands, participate in the industry, and provide high-end products at lower prices than branded manufacturers obtaining enormous popularity. This shop is available online. Prefer trying shoes on your own? Find a market of that retailer chain in the city. If you live abroad, make orders online and ship safely with the help of Uss-express experienced specialists. Foot Locker supports kind initiatives. For example, foot Locker takes care of future athletes in academics. By buying Foot Locker products, customers invest in future professional athletes’ scholarships!


Zappos isn’t a specialized website as it offers a good range of general-purpose products. This platform became popular with increasing audiences thanks to budget-friendly price policies. Zappos suits customers searching for top-quality, affordable goods. Clients may compare models, consider key characteristics, and choose options featuring state-of-the-art capabilities. Visiting Zappos is never a waste of time! Make orders and ship overseas with professionals!

Best Running Shoes Brands 2021

We don’t know the ultimate features defining the best running shoes brands 2021. Everything depends on clients’ needs, financial capabilities, running style, preferences, tastes, etc. However, we may recommend a list of companies that seem to be the most popular, competitive, and successful in the modern marketplace. Want to choose a high-end manufacturer? Make short research on offered brands. You’ll find lots of useful information on specialized websites and forums, but your personal experience must determine your final choice.

  • Brooks
  • HOKA
  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • Saucony
  • Altra
  • Karhu
  • Mizuno

We recommend comparing key characteristics and models’ models. Then, choosing which one is the best. Remember, Uss-express is always the best choice for shipping solutions! Join our community.

What is a Work at Home Packing & Shipping and Where to Look for Jobs

Work from home packing and shipping is a type of occupation that requires employees to pack letters in envelopes or different products in boxes and send them to the required addresses. Such jobs are usually provided by large international shipping services that are looking for opportunities to expand their staff. As a rule, companies provide their workers with a kit that contains all the necessary materials and instructions.

When hiring shippers, companies don’t require any special skills or qualifications. Besides, their average rewards are pretty reasonable in terms of working from home – depending on the company you work with, you may earn from $15 to $20 per hour. If you’re interested in such an opportunity, keep reading this guide, and we will teach you a few useful tips that will help you find a real employer with good rewards.

What are Work From Home Packing Jobs?

Somebody may consider that working as a packer or shipper isn’t as easy because it’s a responsible function to work with goods bought by other people. However, basically, there’s nothing complicated in working from home packing jobs.

If you work with a legitimate company, you may choose from the diversity of vacations. Each vacation introduces to the employee a specific set of duties, which are actually much the same. The most common function is packing different products. Depending on the company, your employer may also require you to execute product assembly or choose the necessary packaging materials. Some services pay you just for staffing envelopes with cards or letters.

In cases when clients aren’t satisfied with the quality of received things, packers might be required to process backorders. Order tracking might be also included in the set of duties, but this is up to the employer.

Packing products into boxes isn’t complicated at all, you just need to be attentive when getting acquainted with the provided instructions. Usually, they are pretty clear and understandable.

Requirements to the applicant

A lot of people, who are looking for remote work as a packer, give up this idea because they are afraid of working in too strict conditions. In fact, everything is different.

Let’s get familiar with the requirements from the majority of companies providing work at home by packing products:

  • Ability to work in suitable conditions;
  • Strong computer skills. By these employers mean they require you to be keen on working with Google Sheets and Excel Just learn about the basic setup from guides.
  • Ability to adapt to new work conditions.
  • Willingness to learn and study instructions carefully.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Communication skills.

As we can study from this list of requirements, you aren’t required to have any special qualification or educational degree to work on this job. The experience of working in the marketing or delivery field will be a good bonus for you, but that is definitely not a determining aspect.

How Much Do Packers and Shippers Earn?

Packer or shipper jobs are quite stable in terms of income because online shopping from US stores is one of the most popular ways to buy goods nowadays. Consequently, you, as a packer, will get regular payments, but these amounts aren’t the same throughout the market. Everything depends on your employer, so we recommend studying these conditions before applying for a job.

You may get acquainted with the average income of shippers from different randomly chosen regions of the USA.

Region Income per hour
Ohio $14.46
New York $16.32
North Dakota $15.31
Minnesota $17.00
Kansas $14.24
Alaska $18.00
Washington $19.85

Top 5 Packing and Shipping Job Companies

When you’re looking for remote work, you need to understand that not all the companies that pretend to be super generous are actually the ones they claim to be. Even some large businesses don’t pay much money to their shippers, especially to beginners, because this might dispute their business plans. On the other hand, young delivery services aren’t as reliable, moreover, you may come across scammers. That’s why we recommend you read reviews from real employees before applying for the job. This way, you will easily figure out whether the work conditions of a certain provider suit you.

Study this comparison table to learn briefly about some of the companies.

Company Full-time salary High school diploma required
Uss-Express ≈$3,200
Amazon ≈$2,550 +
eBay ≈$2,700 +
MyUS ≈$2,325 + or at least ability to obtain one
Whirlpool ≈$2,250 +

1) Uss-Express

Uss-Express is a young company, but as we can see from the reviews it’s a reliable variant if you’re looking for a remote job. It provides high rewards and good work conditions. Plus, the company cooperates with huge Internet retailers such as Amazon, so you can get a job from all their partners. That’s why there’s no need to look for the job offered by each specific company.


  • Possibility to work part-time
  • Flexible schedule
  • User-friendly web app for remote workers
  • Competitive salary

2) Amazon

There’s no need to tell you something about Amazon. Everyone knows what it is but let’s get acquainted with the benefits of working with this company.


  • Competitive wage paid weekly, with overtime for more than 40 hours
  • Healthcare (medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs)
  • Medical Advice Line
  • Network of Support (health & well-being on and off the job)
  • Employee discounts


  • Too extreme workload
  • Poor contact with managers

3) eBay

eBay is one more reputable brand that seems to provide quite beneficial conditions for work as a packer or shipper.


  • Retirement Savings and Pension Plans
  • Stock Awards
  • Life Insurance and Disability Benefits
  • Credit Union Memberships


  • Frequent layoffs

4) MyUS

MyUS is an experienced international provider of delivery services. They suit you if you don’t want to work in a warehouse or office. Study other advantages.


  • Fair pay
  • Ability to meet personal goals
  • Flexible schedule


  • Work overload
  • Poor management

5) Whirlpool

Whirlpool is a respectable distributor of household appliances. It’s appreciated for the following benefits of work conditions:

  • Competitive salary
  • Additional perks to workers
  • A great option for beginners seeking work experience

How to Get a Job As a Packer at Uss-Express?

Uss-Express is the best option for beginners. Applicants are required to follow simple conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a modern smartphone
  • Have a physical address
  • Have access to printer

In order to become our worker, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Take a 10-minute telephone interview
  2. Complete a training course
  3. Fill the application form or contact the company via other convenient means.

To sum it up, work from home packing and shipping is a good option if you want to earn extra money and gain valuable experience. The requirements aren’t very harsh, so just go for it if you need a good job.