How to Work from Amazon Home Customer Service and What Employee Reviews About the Job

How to Work from Amazon Home Customer Service and What Employee Reviews About the Job

Organizations are increasingly seeking options to enable their people to work safely and efficiently from anywhere. On August 6, 2021, Amazon published information that the company is forced to move the terms of returning its employees to the office until January 2022. The delta variant of coronavirus turned out to be more infectious, and the company offered work from home.

Amazon company is an online local giant and requires thousands of seasonal workers, especially during the holidays, to serve customers from the comfort of their own homes. Amazon work from home customer service is a full-day or part-day job. Custom services are remote work when employees work using the Internet, a computer and make phone calls to clients, or an email-based remote job. On average, the salary for such a position ranges from 15 to 18 thousand dollars.

There are many similar companies on the Internet, there are also alternative options for working from home, which we will discuss at the end of the article. If you are interested in this type of earnings, we advise you to continue reading the article on how to get work from home job with Amazon. Check out the information about part working day jobs and analyze what you can get cooperating with that company.

What is Amazon VCS?

Amazon Virtual Customer Service offers its employees all kinds of vacancies. One of the areas of cooperation is work in a virtual call center. These centers allow employees home-based variants to get additional money. We should note right away that although this is work from home, this company does not provide its employees with a free work schedule. The company puts forward certain requirements for its employees. Although they offer remote work, they build such work on a set schedule. There are two types of shifts, night and day work, and you will also need to work on holidays and weekends. To do your job efficiently, you will need access to high-speed Internet and a telephone to make calls with clients.

Another nuance that you have to pay attention to is that this organization employs remote candidates in particular states. To get fresh information about state restrictions, you can check this information on their jobs site.

Amazon work from home customer service is in high demand, and this can be explained. The first reason why this kind of work is popular among employees is the assured hourly fee. Vacancies for seasonal work run out quickly. There is an opportunity to get short-term positions with the prospect to become a permanent full-time employee of the company. This job from home can be half working or full working day, and you should meet their company requirements and personal metrics.

How much does a Work from Home Customer Service Representative at Amazon make?

Working in a customer service position requires discipline, a high school diploma, and at work as a customer service at least for one year. You can interview for this position online, while at home.

Your salary is determined by the position. With Amazon customer service, employees can expect a flat rate of $5-$8 per hour, plus an additional $1 per hour for work during November, December, and January.

You can choose the full working day, and sometimes part working jobs. Working as a customer service agent, you will have opening hours on the weekends, nights, and holidays.

When compared with other remote professions, there are more attractive ones where the pay per hour reaches $10, and the monthly part-time salary will be $300-$400 more than in Amazon.

Job Responsibilities

  • The employee must be able to use the Internet.
  • To communicate with clients (in written form and verbally), a company employee needs to be friendly, not to talk arrogantly, and in a raised voice with the client, even if the client is wrong. Should be able to solve problems.
  • You should feel comfortable in this position.
  • The task of the company’s employees is to show ingenuity, a creative and individual approach to each client so that he takes an action.
  • Make the most of available resources to solve emerging problems.
  • Able to intensify difficulties or change in the information to the proper owners, do it regularly, to ensure we deliver them.
  • An employee of the company must be responsible, not break the schedule, complete all tasks on time.

Steps to Find Amazon Work from Home Customer Service Jobs?

  1. Go to the home page of Amazon’s job site.
  2. Find the section for remote jobs – click on “Remote Career Opportunities.”.
  3. Explore vacancies and read reviews from Amazon employees.
  4. If you have already found a suitable work from home customer service, prepare a cover letter and resume for your application.
  5. Wait for communication with a company representative.
  6. Take a video interview.

Amazon Work from Home Customer Service: Reviews About Pros and Cons

Many faced the problem of earning money during the pandemic and considered that remote work could be the best solution to the situation. But you must understand that this kind of work also has its disadvantages and advantages. We will talk about them further.

If we talk about the benefits of Amazon remote customer services, the following are worth noting:

  • Amazon offers its employees seasonal vacancies. You can get such a job for a period of 3 months to a year.
  • Overtime pay at 1.5x base rate.
  • Training of employees at the expense of the company and support by experienced specialists.
  • The company has big discounts for its employees.
  • This is a great opportunity to get customer service experience. In the future, you can get a highly paid position in a logistics company with better working conditions.

Among the cons of Amazon home customer service, the following are worth mentioning:

  • The shift lasts 9 hours. There are night shifts, and you can work during the day.
  • The company provides a fixed shift schedule that cannot be changed at the request of the employee. The schedule either suits you or not.
  • The employee must have at least two years of a college education.
  • The employee must have at least one year of customer service experience.
  • The candidate must live in a specific state. This info is available on the official website of the company.

Work at Home: Amazon Customer Service vs Uss Express Packing and Shipping

We cannot compare these two companies in terms of competition. USS Express is a well-experienced company in the logistics industry that solves all problems at every stage of complex, multi-component transportation of goods. Uss Express has even partnered with Amazon. But if you still compare, it is worth noting that Uss Express also provides the opportunity to work from home on a full or part-time basis. Among the advantages of such cooperation, it is worth highlighting:

  • The ability to create your schedule. Amazon, although it positions itself to work from home, has a clearly defined schedule.
  • Any person who has reached the age of 18 can work, even without work experience.
  • The salary for the part working day is $1,700. If working full working day, the salary will be $3200 per month.
  • There is an opportunity to receive a salary weekly.
  • Access to an easy-to-use web app created by the Uss Express IT team. The application has simple navigation, very understandable for users of all ages.
  • Opportunity to get a job anywhere in the world in the USA, Georgia, Russia, and other European countries.

Now there are hundreds of companies operating in the logistics services market. They allow us to save money when we find a product on the Internet at the other end of the world at a bargain price, and the nerves when we can track the purchase and know exactly the date we received it.

Unfortunately, there are also fraudulent companies. How do you decide which company you can work with? Here, reviews of users who have already ordered services in this company, or worked there will help us. We advise you to read the truthful reviews of USS Express on a site like Trustpilot or on the official website. We analyzed these reviews ourselves and concluded that 80% of the reviews are positive. The employees of the company are satisfied with the working conditions, the timeliness of the payment of wages and the schedule for the part-time work.

When you go through the job board on the internet that’s particularly for remote work, you will see a vast range of jobs. Why waste time on this when you can leave your application on the USS Express website and get a decent job today.