Japanese Influencers You Should Be Following

Japanese Influencers You Should Be Following

Uss-Express loves Japan! Check out this list of our favorite Japanese influencers for tips on travel, photography, fashion, and more!

Japan is a country featuring unique history, traditions, culture. Japan displays outstanding destinations, fabulous tourist attractions appealing to people and making them visit Japan.

There are many Japanese famous thanks to talents, unique lifestyle, charm, or valuable tips useful in different areas. Today, let’s make Uss-Express blog readers acquainted with a number of people popular worldwide delivering helpful ideas to the world audiences. If somebody appeals to you, satisfies personal criteria of a good influencer, Uss-Express recommends following that person to be aware of the latest Japanese trends.

Eric Surf

Eric Surf isn’t Japanese but he deserves to be called a Japanese influencer for his dedicated work. Eric spread the word about Japanese cuisine making thousands of people lose minds about Japanese gastronomic culture. Eric Surf is an energetic man providing audiences with regular releases, useful, interesting content, enjoyable videos. Eric tries his best in sharing experiences about adventurous living in Japan. 802 thousand people have already subscribed to his YouTube channel called Ericsurf6. Don’t waste time! Ericsurf6 is a place to get valuable recommendations on Japanese facilities, take a closer look at the Japanese fascinating cuisine featuring unique peculiarities. Eric Surf is worth Uss-Express customers’ subscriptions!

Rie Kitahara

Rie Kitahara is a typical Instagram influencer sharing her experience, lifestyle, impression of different events. Rie is popular with young generation audiences. On her Instagram page, users find different interesting posts of foods, events, places, attractions, fashion, lifestyle. Rie provides interesting reviews on books, likes playing video games, visits unique memorable destinations. Rie isn’t just a pretty Instagram model, she is a successful entrepreneur. Like fashionable things? Visit Kitahara’s website selling items of her brand called Above All. The platform offers both casual, street fashion Japanese and luxury products – you will find attractive products. Ship orders safe and fast with Uss-Express!


Young mothers will find new, useful, interesting things following Satomi. Satomi is a former office worker who realized, the office work wasn’t her cup of tea. She started improving her skills on social media by posting impressive pictures of her cute little daughter called Aichi. Satomi is glad to share her experience as a successful mother providing helpful recommendations on children’s education. She devotes her time, energy, inspiration to her family. It brings her pleasure, joy, fun, and peace of mind. Want to learn how mothers in Japan live? Follow Satomi, get acquainted with her unique life story. It’s a perfect source of inspiration. Don’t waste time!

Bon & Pon

Bon and Pon are real trendsetters but they’re not typical examples of social media influencers. They’re unique and that makes them popular with worldwide audiences. Bon and Pon are an elderly Japanese couple sharing an adventurous family lifestyle. They are married for a few decades but neither Bon nor Pon wants to act like old grannies spending time sitting on the sofa knitting, watching TV, or reading boring papers. The couple explores Japan, tries different outfits,  discovers outstanding traditions, and collaborates with popular influencers, bloggers, and models. Their life is interesting, they are energetic and enthusiastic. This attracts people. You must become one of their 824 thousand followers! Such inspiring stuff shouldn’t be missed!

Tomori Arata

Tomori Arata knows everything about skincare procedures. She’s glad to share her knowledge in order to help other people take care of their skin. Tomori Arata isn’t just an influencer reviewing cosmetics, she is a well-known Japanese dermatologist featuring an impressive experience of working in the Japanese beauty industry for over 15 years. Tomori Arata cooperates with the most famous and popular beauty brands and knows all the details of that industry in Japan. She provides her followers with useful content helping to explore necessary information about different aspects of skincare treatments. Want to get regular tips from a professional dermatologist? Subscribe to her page and get deeper into the beauty industry.


Wada-san is one more reputable Japanese beauty specialist providing their followers with useful information about makeup and other products related to skincare. She has a YouTube channel. Wada-san delivers very interesting information about makeup products and talks about concerns arousing to clients using such types of cosmetic goods. Wada-san’s YouTube videos are informative and useful. She provides very specific knowledge in a way that non-specialists can understand the topic and implement essential tips in their lives. Like being delivered experiments-based recommendations? Find Wanda-san’s channel and subscribe to it. It’s worth checking.


Rola is a famous Japanese model who became a TV star 10 years ago.  Rola is a talented person with a unique look and appearance. She promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages her followers to go in for sports and exercising. Rola is a stylish influencer. Following her, you will learn everything about the fashion of Japanese modern culture. Japanese trends in fashion are set by such individuals as Rola. A healthy lifestyle and fashion aren’t the only things she’s interested in. Rola pays and attracts attention to global environmental issues. That is why she is quite respectable in the Japanese social media community.