Where to Shop for Watches

Where to Shop for Watches

Looking for a new watch? Check out these top US stores to shop for your new timepiece and ship them worldwide with Uss Express!

A wristwatch is an essential assortment for every respectable gentleman. Customers buy watches in different ways. Somebody visit luxury stores, others prefer shopping online. We recommend visiting online retailers and departments offering a wide selection of needed products, customer support services, low prices, beneficial discounts, and shipping services. Trust reputable providers – Uss-Express will ship your order from the USA!

Want to explore popular places to purchase timepieces online? Want to save time and money? Curious about the most demanded brands? This article is what you need to read. We prepared a top containing platforms providing attractive services to its customers. Let’s start discovering top distributors!


Jomashop is an online retailing company representing a variety of popular accessories including jewelry, handbags, sunglasses at reasonable prices. Jomahop has competed in the marketplace for 25 years. It’s appreciated by clients for the extensive range of high-quality branded products and wholesale. On this site, customers might find different fashionable watches manufactured by luxury companies. Jomashop offers attractive discount policies. Clients, interested in cheaper options, might purchase pre-owned items. Many of them are branded. Plus, Jomashop provides reliable customer services to give users the possibility to consult managers towards their concerns.


Watches.com is a specialized store offering pieces provided by over 60 famous brands including luxury ones. The service features customized search services providing the possibility to satisfy specific buyers’ needs. Everyone looking for a watch will find a good offer, it doesn’t matter if the user prefers luxury watch brands or funky-styled pieces. Shipping services are free for purchases with a total sum of over $199. This is a huge amount to shop there, especially if you go to the Sale section where prices start from $25! General pricing is budget-friendly. Stay tuned and follow fresh news in their Blog. 

Bob’s Watches

Bob’s Watches features a unique concept. Created over 20 years ago, the store distributes pre-owned Rolex watches. Bob’s Watches is a reselling platform providing users from all over the world with the possibility to exchange, sell, and buy used pre-owned pieces from Rolex. This is a place to find a beneficial deal at a cheap price. All watches displayed on the site are checked and verified. Site experts make deep research of every single item offered to their platform. They check authenticity and set prices not higher than market ones. The quality and affordability are guaranteed. Fond of Rolex products? Don’t waste time, visit Bob’s Watches and get orders shipped by Uss-Express.  

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a good online spot for customers looking for a variety of quality products. It offers numerous options from high-end luxury brands. Don’t know what option to choose? Don’t worry because Neiman Marcus isn’t only a store of designer items, it’s a valuable and informative source of information. It guides customers in order to help them make the right decision. Hard to choose the optimal variant? Don’t be afraid to lose liked items – add them to your list of favorite products. Create your list, compare prices and other necessary features, and purchase the most appealing timepiece. Neiman Marcus is worth customers’ attention.


Ashford is a New-York based online store offering a wide selection of watches and other fashionable accessories. The number of customers who have used their services since the date of their creation over 20 years ago is now higher than 1 million. Ashford provides attractive discounts on branded goods. Most of them are pre-owned. All products come with a 2-year warranty. In addition to luring prices, Ashford provides convenient navigation through the site pages. Visit Ashford, decide what wristwatch to buy, search for your favorite option, and score a good deal at a low cost.  

Top 5 Watches Brands For Men  

Interested in luxury pieces? Get familiar with the following best watches brands and try to find the most popular items on the described above sites.


Rolex is the first name coming to mind of ordinary people talking about watches. Even people who know a little about fashionable timepieces know that Rolex watches are high-end products. This brand is the most recognized one. Rolex produces an enormous amount of products and many models have become mainstream.


Omega is a Swiss brand. It became popular as a brand providing top-quality products at low prices. Their goods are featured in different films with worldwide celebrities. Omega even cooperated with NASA. Check their items to be provided with Swiss quality.


Blancpain is a reputable company founded in 1735. It remains popular throughout all the passing centuries. Blancpain has many achievements in watchmaking. This brand created multiple techniques that are still effective in the industry. Whatever the purpose of the list of the best watches brands, Blancpain will take leading positions. 

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is one of the oldest and most reputable brands represented in this list. It creates unique and outstanding timepieces that are highly valued by experts and fashionable item lovers. Brand’s name is a synonym for luxury!

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a brand that made this article possible – it created the very first wristwatch in history! This brand conducted one of the most expensive deals in industry history and sold the Graves Supercomplication model for $11 million! It’s one of the most exclusive models – the best specialists spent 8 years creating it.