Our team

Our team
We employ over 100 managers, shippers and other workers. Absolutely every employee is valuable to Uss Express. On this page we present the key persons in our team.

Enola M. Warren

"Enola M. Waren is a Uss-Express delivery specialist. She was born in San Diego, CA 92103 on the 24th of March in 1997. Enola is 24 years old now but that doesn’t mean she has a lack of experience and professional skills. Her professional skills are proved by her degree and the experience in working for the reputable international company. After graduating from her local high-school San Diego, Enola M. Waren entered the University of California San Diego where she studied psychology sciences. This way she obtained much useful theoretical knowledge. She has been gaining her first working experience when undertaking an internship in the Delta Air Lines Inc Company. This was a perfect experience for her as she accompanied her theoretical knowledge with a lot of new practical skills, including ones that are necessary for employing the best workers in different fields. Since 2020, she has been working in the Uss-Express delivery. Currently, she’s taking a leading position of the Chief HR specialist in this company."

Russell G. Merrifield

Ecommerce specialist (expert)
"Russell G. Merrifield is an E-Commerce specialist of the Uss-express delivery company. He was born in Los Angeles, CA 90017 on the 10th of April in 1985. He is 36 years old today. Ruzel started obtaining his educational degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) at the Faculty of Supply Chain Management. After graduating, Russel G. Merrifield was hired as an Ecommerce specialist by Amazon. It was a wonderful experience for him, because he put all his theoretical knowledge into practice. His former employer specified that he s a skilled worker with strong communication and management skills. Since 2021, he has been working in the Uss-Express delivery. Russel chose remote work, and Amazon did not provide such an opportunity for him. That's why he decided to find a new employer and applied for the vacancy in the Uss-express delivery. Currently he holds the position of E-Commerce specialist (expert) in our company. One of his major duties on this post is studying and reviewing recent changes on the ecommerce market."

Rose R. Rutledge

Logistic manager
"Rose R. Rutledge is a logistic manager. She was born in Chatsworth, IL 60921 on the 27th of June in 1988. Rose is 33 years old. She was born and raised in Chicago. After graduating from local high school, Rose entered the University of St. Francis. USF – formerly the USF Intermodal Transportation Institute. There she studied for a Master of Business Administration or MBA. At the University she received an excellent theoretical knowledge base. Additionally, Rose participated in various online programs – Purchasing and Supply Chain Management + Freight Broken/ Agent Training. She gained her first work experience during the period of working at Walmart Distribution Center as a logistic manager. There she used her theoretical knowledge on practical tasks. Except for her hard skills, Rose features outstanding soft skills that help her to find a common language with other employees without any difficulties. This is one of the major reasons of her efficient performance in the company. Rose is a professional and now she works in the USS Express delivery."

Steven I. Rodriguez

Account manager
Steven I. Rodriguez is an account manager. He was born in Kempner, TX 76539, 4726 Short Street on the 30th of May in 1981. Steven is 40 years old. He has extensive experience working with international clients and customers from all over the world. He completed his studies at the Olive-Harvey College. He gained his first experience working as a seller of used cars in the company Copart. Except for this company, Steven worked in many other companies and international services, where his duties were participating in auctions for the company's customers. All his previous employers and customers he worked with provided only positive reviews on his both hard and soft skills. He has been working for the uss-express delivery company for several years now. Steven deserves this leading position in our company as, according to our clients' reviews, he is one of the best customer service managers. He knows what clients need and he has all the necessary experiences and skills to provide them with what they want.
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